Thursday, August 19, 2010

What The Future Holds

The following was just posted as an update to my post "Through a Glass Darkly" on Random notes:
A quick update. I have been told on the Band of Bloggers Facebook page that many readers have either had problems posting comments on Townhall, or have been unable to reach Townhall entirely at various times. This has led to many other bloggers moving to alternate sites. Right now I have no plans to move, but just in case, I have created an alternate blog "The Ghost Squirrels" at Blogspot. At this moment I do not know what will be posted there. I have three ideas so far. First, I may move this blog there, though I am unsure whether I will keep this blog to hold past posts, or will try to port my 2000+ posts over there. (Which may be hard as I will have to write my own perl script to do it. Fortunately perl web tools and text processing make ti only difficult, not impossible.) Second, I may keep posting to this blog, but also start making parallel posts to that blog to allow readers who can't reach Townhall another choice. (In this case I still may try to port over my posts, so that those readers can follow older links without problems as well.) Third, I may keep this blog as it is and use that one for a personal blog on topics other than politics and economics. I may write on theology and philosophy on both, so there may be some cross-links. I am not sure which it will be. But fortunately I don't have to decide right away. Once I do, I will let everyone know.
I don't have anything to add right now. As I said, for the moment I am undecided and this site will likely remain quiet for a while. On the other hand, I am inclining toward a specific decision, so I doubt it will remain unused for long.

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