Monday, February 14, 2011


I have come across a university dispatch about rape. Here is one of the gems from it:

Myth: When a woman dresses in skimpy clothing or in an alluring manner, she is asking to be raped.
Rapists choose victims for their vulnerability, not their sexiness. Rape is not a crime of sexual desire. It is a crime of hostility and violence toward the victim. Rape is never the victim's fault.

I keep hearing this dogma and I have to say "LIAR!" So, rape is a crime of violence, it is about power and has nothing to do with sex? Then why do men almost exclusively rape women, not other men? Violence against men is far more accepted than violence against women, and men far more often fight with other men than with women. If rape is just about exercising power over someone, men have far more opportunity to rape men than women.

Sorry, but no matter how often the dogma is repeated, rape is a sexual crime, and is about sexuality. It may be about using violence to obtain sexual gratification, but it is still primarily a sexual act.

And I am sick of the dogma.

Oh, the same document also told women that being dressed provocatively and being drunk does not mean rape is their fault. Well, true enough, it is not their FAULT, but to tell them it has nothing to do with rape is to set up college aged girls to get repeatedly violated. Saying clothing and inebriation has nothing to do with being a rape victim is like telling people "Just because you left your door open and expensive electronics in the window, the burglary is not your fault." True, it was the burglar's fault, but you should still lock your doors. Likewise, college girls would be advised not to stagger drunk through streets at night with their breasts falling out. Yes, the eventual rape would not be their fault, but they would still suffer the consequences, so who cares whose fault it is?

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