Monday, February 14, 2011

Back From the Dead?

This blog has been sorely neglect over the past year. I admit it. Thanks to the election, the stimulus, cap and trade, medical reform, inflation, other monetary issues, and a whole host of other topics, I have just not had the energy to devote to the war on drugs that I did before the election.

Except that I did. Some time ago, I started writing on drug legalization again. Not a lot, but a handful of posts. Well, one. Still, I had returned to the topic, and simply forgot to include it on this site.

But, as it has obviously caught my interest once more, I am reviving this blog. Initially I am just going to copy posts from my main blog (Random Notes) that are relevant, but after that I hope to start writing for this blog independently.

I don't know how much interest there is in these topics, but that never stopped me on my other blogs, so why should I change now? However, if you are one of those few who might be interested, check back in a day or so, as there will certainly be at least some reprint content, if not some new writing.

Originally Posted in Examining the War on Drugs on 2009/09/29.

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