Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Brief Note

I have not yet announced it on Random Notes, but due to a host of technical problems at Townhall, I am beginning to transfer the entire contents of Random Notes, Examining the War on Drugs and Nation of Whiners to this blog. It will be quite time consuming, as I am going to modify every article so the links point only to this site, and thus it will be several weeks before I am complete. In the interim I will continue to post at Townhall. However, as one benefit of this move, I will be forced to finally develop a comprehensive blog index, so I will be able to post that when I am complete. (I may even add tags to make searching easier.)

One change you will notice before I finish is that the few articles I have already cross posted will be changed to list when and where they were originally published at the end of every article. Also, as I complete more of the transfer, the links will change to point here rather than Townhall.

Hopefully this will be a positive change. I will, unfortunately, not be able to move the comments and my responses, but, as I will be keeping up my site at Townhall (though no longer posting there), the comments should be accessible to those who want to see them.


One more thing I need to mention. For the next few weeks you may see a label reading "FIX LINKS". I am adding these to all the articles which still have links to correct. As I am copying from three independent blogs which do regularly link to one another, there will be times when I cannot correct the links in an article when I post it. So, to allow me to find them more easily, I am adding this label.

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