Thursday, February 3, 2011

Greetings From the Road!

Normally when I am vacationing I bother to announce it in advance. Unfortunately I was feeling poorly last night, so I forgot to put up an announcement that I would be away this weekend. Fortunately, I took a long a laptop (so my son could play his favorite pirate game before bed) and either the hotel has unadvertised wifi or someone in Luray has poorly secured their network. Whatever the reason, it means I can put up this brief post explaining that roaming around caverns and visiting Dinosaur Land will keep me from posting until tomorrow evening.

There was something I wanted to add, as a comment I received today raised an interesting point about which I want to write soon. You see, I have been thinking about Obama, and I realized that those who try to cover up his errors, inflate his achievements and generally flatter him and plead his case do him quite a bit of harm. I mentioned before that by not asking him hard questions, the press served Demcorats ill by not properly vetting their choices, and by not getting Obama used to real questions, left him ill prepared should some journalist ever find the nerve to ask them. But there is more than that. For example, Obama's legal experience is basically that of a law school graduate. Yes, he has voted in congress, but considering how few bills he has even cosponsored, combined with his many votes of "present", in reality Obama has very little practical legal experience. But, he has been cited many times as a constitutional scholar due to his lecturer position. That sort of flattering position does him no favors, as, when he makes a boneheaded mistake, it seems even worse due to the fact that he is supposedly an expert.

It is a topic I want to examine soon in greater detail. The more I think about it, the more I come to believe the "Obama immune system" does him more harm than good. Unlike the "Clinton immune system" in the media, which basically  adopted the position "yes, he's jerk, but he has good ideas", the Obama boosters try to tell us he is perfection incarnate. And in so doing they make his every mistake and every flaw seem even larger. It is ironic, as the right is often upset by how obsequious the media is, for all that I have been quite upset about it, but, in the long run, the sycophantic media may end up his worst enemy.

It is something to consider, in any case. and I hope to do so tomorrow, when I get home. Or maybe early next week. So, please check back frequently.

NOTE: For some reason this was first posted on "Nation of Whiners" rather than "Random Notes". I have no idea how I made that mistake, but I have now copied it to the proper blog.

Originally Published in Nation of Whiners on 2009/11/21. (The same article was posted on Random Notes on the same day with the title "Greeting From the Road.")

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