Monday, February 14, 2011

Sinister PNAC? Hardly!

I am sure anyone who has spent time on Townhall has heard someone talk about the evil neocons and their sinister plans, exemplified by the Project For a New American Century (PNAC). Having had a liberal coworker in 2002 who went on and on about the PNAC, I have read the document and found nothing to explain all the shouting. It was a pretty dry policy paper whose primary purpose seemed to be to maintain American military preeminence in the coming decades. Given that my coworker and I both worked as contractors for the Army at the time, I couldn't see why she would object to that goal. Yes, the paper did speak of the use of such force in maintaining US interests abroad, but that is the purpose of an Army (well, that and defending territory at home), so it didn't seem something sinister.

I always wanted to sit down and write a lengthy essay explaining exactly why the PNAC is not the sinister plan for world domination that lefties and neo-isolationists (and crypto-antisemite Buchanite/Paulists) think it is. But fortunately I have been saved the effort.

True, this article is aimed mainly at debunking the Truther claims about PANC, but it serves as a pretty good primer on the PNAC itself. So, please, read this, and next time someone starts rambling about the neocon conspiracy and the PNAC, send them to this page:

I also recommend the site from which it comes Journal of Debunking 911 Conspiracy Theories.

Originally Posted in Random Notes on 2007/10/28.

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