Monday, February 7, 2011

A Small Administrative Matter

I am in the process of transferring the content of yet another blog to this blog, in this case "Examining the War on Drugs." I am nearly complete, but I have noticed one little quirk. In general, when I have a specific line which appears multiple times, I try to word it the same way in every post. However, while I was moving these posts, I notice that I was somewhat inconsistent in the format of the line describing the post's provenance. Sometimes it started "Originally Posted" and others, "Originally Published." I thought of going back and making them consistent, but as they both mean the same thing, and both occur about an equal number of times, I decided to leave both, and, in the future, to accept either one, not worrying if I make a mistake and use one instead of the other.

Just wanted to point this out so as to let readers know I am aware of my inconsistency, as well as to state plainly that the two different statements indicate exactly the same thing, that there is no distinction intended by my choice to use "publish" or "post."

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