Monday, February 14, 2011

Stop Confusing Me with the Facts!

I have found an interesting insight into the mind of a dedicated liberal.

For reasons that aren't important right now, I was reading a Wikipedia article on the 1954 Guatemalan coup. A number of left-leaning but thoughtful people seem to have put a lot of thought into it, and it was relatively balanced. I looked over the talk page and noticed that the author was definitely a bit left of me on the political spectrum, but was willing to evaluate facts without the distortion of preconceived ideas.

Then I ran into the anti-UFC zealot. This guy just won't believe that the common belief that UFC was the main force behind the coup is a myth. No matter what facts are presented, he insists that he "knows" UFC was behind it, and he will continue to edit the article to remove anything that minimizes UFC's role.

Sounds like the many global warming zealots who deny all historical evidence for the Little Climate Optimum, or the medieval period. Their dogma does not allow room for facts.

It isn't really a novel insight, I know, but how often do you get such a perfect example, and such an honest admission that no facts will sway a liberal from their preconceived notions?

Read it yourself. 

Originally Posted in Random Notes on 2007/10/18.

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