Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You NPR!

And I don't even have to comment, just read this post.


I am hardly the first to comment on this, but it is absolutely perfect for my subject matter. If ever there was a nation of whiners article, this is it, even without the picture. Perhaps I will even make some slightly more serious comments on the absurdity shortly.

NOTE: Oops! My first full day on this blog, and my first big mistake. My link actually wen to one of the many blogs discussing this article, rather than article itself.  So, not just my first mistake, but my first correction too! It is a day of firsts.


Since I said I would discuss this a bit, here goes. Not realy a complete commentary, but a bit more on the article itself, rather than the photo.

Even without the hilarious picture of women who are, to put it kindly, not in danger of imminent starvation, this article is still the very prototype of media manufactured "tragedy". These women have not even finished high school, don't work, and have survived for decades on welfare. Now that food prices are rising, they have to give up some meat and ice cream. Is anyone supposed to feel sorry about this?

First, I wouldn't accept people who earned their own money whining about rising food prices, and I am supposed to take it from those taking public money? Second, these women are the very epitome of "did it to themselves". So, I am afraid for the moment, they, and the whiny writers at NPR, are the poster children for "Nation of Whiners".

By the way, before you bring up her supposed car accident. It happened 17 years ago, she is 40. Most people have finished high school by 23! Her failures aren't in any way due top the (rather nebulous) disability she suffered form the accident. Now, I hesitate to say this as my own condition has few physical indicators, but I have to say when an unemployed 23 year old who hasn't even finished high school says a car accident left her "depressed and disabled", the formed social services worker in me thinks that, perhaps, just perhaps, she exaggerated symptoms to get a monthly check from SSI. Of course, that is just a guess. She could be quite disabled, but the fact that NPR glosses over the details, not even naming a specific disability makes me think otherwise.

 Originally Published in Nation of Whiners on 2008/07/22.

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