Sunday, February 6, 2011


I am spinning off a second blog, as I have a particular interest in issues surrounding the war on drugs in the US, yet I don't wish to tire my regular readers with endless posts on this topic. So, in the interest of keep my more general blog from being cluttered with articles on this topic, I have created this second blog.

For those who are unfamiliar with my principal blog, Random Notes, allow me to tell a bit about myself, at least as it relates to the topic at hand. I suffer from a peculiar nerve problem which results in rather excruciating pain at unpredictable intervals. It has a number of other effects, but the pain is the main reason I became more interested in the war on drugs.

Previously I shared the libertarian position that ending the war on drugs would have beneficial effects, but I had little real interest in the topic. I always thought it was a huge misstep on the part of the libertarians to push this as a party platform issue, since it made them look foolish. Now, thanks to several personal experiences, I have begun to see that the war on drugs does more than simply create inner city crime and fill our jails needlessly. In the area of pain management recent prosecutions have caused doctors to fear helping their patients.

However, despite my personal feelings on this matter, I do not want to turn this into a doctrinaire site. I plan to make my case for changing our current policies, but where the current policies do work, I will report that as well. I do not believe in hiding facts simply to make my case. And, as I have said elsewhere, I know it is quite possible my position is wrong.

So, in the interest of finding the best approach to the war on drugs, I plan to examine all arguments I find from either side of the issue. Trust me, there are as many bad arguments for legalization as there are for criminalization, and eventually I will get to them all.

Having said all that, I will warn readers that this blog may not be updated as often as the other blog I maintain. Initially there will probably be a few quick posts as I revisit topics I addressed in my main blog, but beyond that it may be updated at a slower pace, as my focus is still on my primary blog. However, come back every so often and check, as I do not plan to forget about this blog either. It simply may be filled at a slightly less manic pace than the one my regular readers have come to expect.

Originally Posted in Examining the War on Drugs on  2008/05/11.

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