Monday, February 14, 2011

Why the Empty Space?

I don't recall who said it, but someone critical of my comments on an article, asked why I had a blank blog, and suggested it was just "to get  [my] name underlined."

Of course, that is absurd. I don't care if there is an underline or not. Who in their right mind would?

No, I have a blank blog for a very simple reason: I realized after I created it, that I don't have anything that important to say at the moment. And, having nothing worthwhile to say, I decided to leave this area blank, rather than waste someone's time with less than interesting rambling about nothing in particular.

However, I have had a slight change of heart. I still won't post again until I have something important to say, but, realizing that those who really dislike me need somewhere to vent, I created this single entry so they can leave venomous comments below.


Originally Posted in Random Notes on 2007/02/26.

NOTES: This was the first post on my blog, back when I did not intend to write a blog. Obviously, I later came to realize I did have things to say, and things I thought were worth being heard by others. I leave it up to my readers to decide if I was right or not. I just find it interesting that my blog started with such a statement.I rarely have looked back at this post, but it is a very interesting first post, given my later fascination with arrogance and humility and their political implications. I only hope I have retained some of that humility, that recognition that before I speak it better be something worth reading.

NOTES (2011/02/17): While looking up articles on the wayback machine to replace dead links, I started looking up old articles on Townhall in a fit of nostalgia.  At first I had little luck finding any on which I had commented,so, to improve my chances, I concentrated on Thomas Sowell. And, by pure chance, the first one I found was actually the one which inspired this post. It is an article on global warming, where I engaged in a, shall we say "spirited" debate with one "Critical Bill", who, when unable to respond to the substance of my comments, replied: "Rather than whine at me why don't you go and write something for your blog? Or did you just want your username underlined?" It struck me as a strange charge at the time, as I mention above, and I still can't imagine why I would WANT my name underlined. But, I thought I would share the link, as it is sort of the genesis of this blog. Which means I suppose I should thank Critical Bill, as his peculiar insult inspired a tremendous volume of writing.

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