Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Press Twists the Truth for Obama Yet Again

It is interesting how the press can bend stories. When the story broke about Father Pfleger, the press started to describe him as some sort of "guest speaker" at Trinity, forgetting that Pfleger was at Trinity precisely because he was a spiritual adviser to Obama. Yet, somehow, the press missed this and treated him as someone who just mysteriously appeared in the pulpit one day.

Of course, this plays right into the Obama spin. He is now leaving Trinity because of their beliefs, and the people they invite to speak. Conveniently ignored is the fact that he employed both speakers on his spiritual advisory committee. Not to mention that Pfleger's appearance at Trinity was not some mysterious appearance, but had everything to do with his close ties to Obama. After all, wasn't that pretty much the subject of his offensive remarks? How could anyone miss that little point?

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that the press has done absolutely no investigation when it comes to the Obama campaign? They spent more effort examining wide stances in men's rooms than they have a leading contender for the presidency. They show more skepticism over the prices set by local gas station owners than they do over the self serving comments of a presidential candidate.

I wonder why.


I know I said I was leaving Obama scandals alone for a while, but this isn't really an Obama article. I choose to think of it more as an article about the press. Of course, it is impossible to mention press bias without mentioning Obama, so I had no choice but to include a little something about him, but I really am tired of his many scandals. I just am even more tired of the press managing to ignore them, or, when it can't do that, trying to make sure they get buried as quickly as possible.


The funny thing is, your humble author knew who Pfleger was long before all this broke. He had been mentioned several times as another potential problem for Obama, and I had even mentioned him before in this very blog. However, I had never seen the man. (And what a sorry spectacle he cut, with his middle aged white guy impression of Dave Chapelle.[With all due apologies to Mr. Chapelle.] It made Hillary Clinton's Selma patois sound almost respectable. Why, it made the worst Al Jolson impression seem respectable. But for some reason the Trinity audience ate it up.)

So, when the local news started a story mentioning "Father Pfleger", I perked up and said "Oh, so that's him". To then hear him described as "a guest speaker at Trinity" floored me. I knew he was an Obama confidant, so how could these newsreaders possibly be ignorant of that fact? I may be a political junkie, but I am still so far out of the loop I might as well live on Mars, yet I know something these supposed "insiders" in the news media don't?

Sorry, they are clearly carrying water for the golden boy from Chicago. There is no other explanation.


Wikipedia tells me someone declared Father Pfleger a "blue eyed black soul", so I guess it is acceptable for him to adopt some sort of mock ebonics. Since Clinton is no longer the "first black president", as Democrats are hoping for a real one, I guess that makes Pfleger the only real white black man left.

By the way, I want to clarify that I have no problem with anyone who honestly has an incongruous speech pattern. A friend of an old girlfriend was a Japanese girl who grew up in Virgina who had a thick tidewater accent. I also knew two Arabs, former oil workers who had moved to Maryland to run a barbecue shop, and their Texas twang was thick as I have ever heard. Likewise, my high school football coach, a white man from the backwaters of Louisiana had an accent that would put Pfleger to shame. None of those disturb me. It is the fact that Pfleger's is so obviously an affectation that bothers me. Yes, he is from the south side of Chicago, but his education argues that he should sound more like Obama and less like a low budget Eminem wannabe.

Or is someone seriously going to claim everyone from the south side ends up sounding like the good father?

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2008/06/02.

Administrative Matters

As my vacation is over, it is time for another boring post on what I plan to do.

First, I have to say that I am leaving the FairTax alone for a while. I posted a bit on it last night, and I am afraid my boredom is showing. Rereading those posts, I am happy with what I wrote, but barely so. I think I can summarize my complaints in two words, naivete and optimism. The proponents seem to really believe by passing a law they can tell congress to never add another tax, and that the estimates of experts really are entirely reliable. I admit none of the alternatives are foolproof, but they don't make such sweeping claims. That is why I want to return power to the states, as it will set up the state governments as opposition to the federal government, they have an interest and the power to fight. The FairTax relies on voters, and we have all seen how apathetic voters can be at times.

Well, as I said, that is it for the FairTax for a while. I may finish up my review of the text of the law and post my notes, but even that seems almost too much. It really is still a dead issue, from a realistic point of view. No one is pushing it, Huckabee is a long shot for VP, so dwelling on it probably is not a good use of my time. I know I promised yt_knight a reply, and I will get to that shortly, but barring my notes and my reply to yt_knight, I am through with it for a while, unless something should make it news again.

I am also ignoring Obama controversies for the moment. I know Pfleger made some gaffes, and the media is downplaying Pfleger from an Obama confidant into some mysterious "guest speaker at Trinity", but if Wright didn't already sink Obama, Pfleger won't. I think the media is mistaken in their assessment and Wright alone will end up killing Obama come November, but no point in beating that dead horse for now.

So, what am I going to write?

I suppose we will have to wait and see. I put together notes on several topics while on vacation, and I hope to get to those this week,but, to be honest, my mind has been mostly on my other blog. So, in some regards I am going to be as surprised as my readers, since much of what I write has yet to be determined. I am just going to watch the headlines and see what comes up.

Well, I do have some notes, so I will start with those, after that we will see where things go.

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2008/06/02.