Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Flashback - Thomas Sowell Imitates Me Again!

I haven't written one of these in ages, mostly because I haven't spent much time reading political pundits on Townhall or elsewhere, but today, by some odd sort of synchronicity, I read my post "The Presumption of Dishonesty"  and then began to read some TH articles. Wondering what Dr. Sowell had written lately, I happened upon his essay "The Loss of Trust", which happened to exactly mirror my essay, as well as my earlier works "Deadly Cynicism" and "Self-Serving Cynicism and Our Cultural Immaturity".

And so, for the first time in many months, perhaps even a few years, I had cause to write one of my "Imitates Me" posts. As usual, I will add the disclaimer that I dob't seriously believe these pundits are plagiarizing my work, I just enjoy pretending they do. However, I enjoy it quite a bit.

And, since I am reviving the old tradition, I will include a few links to those older essays, if only for the sake of promoting a few of my older essays. So, if you want to see what I wrote in those older works, see "Best of the Web Imitates Me XXIII ", "Best of the Web Imitates Me (Imitating John Stossel) XV", "Best of The Web Quotes Someone Imitating Me (or, Best of the Web Imitates Me XVII)", "Thomas Sowell Imitates Me", "John Stossel Imitates Me", "John Stossel Imitates Me Again", "Thomas Sowell Imitates Me Again", "Ann Coulter Imitates Me", "Cal Thomas Imitates Me, Not Once But Twice", "Walter Williams Agrees With Me (And Gets Attacked For It)", "Walter Williams Imitates Me", "Checking In With the Professionals", "Slate Imitates Me, But I Really Don't Mind", "WSJ Imitates Me", "An Unnamed Source in Doug MacKinnon's Piece Imitates Me and I am NOT Flattered", "House Imitates Me" and "Mass Emails Imitate Me".

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