Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brief Note

As you may have noticed, I published a new article tonight. I have a second that is finished except for the links to other essays (as well as posting the few essays it cites from Random Notes which have not yet been copied onto this blog). As I was posting this essay, two thoughts occurred to me, and so I have decided to post them here.

First, I realized I had not mentioned to my readers that, ever since Townhall took down their blog pages, I have tried to observe a policy of avoiding any more links to that site. I have not yet gone back and redirected the links in my older essays, but all my recent essays, if they link to an article on TH, now point to a reproduction of that essay on this site. Hopefully, in the near future, I will finish copying all my old essays into this site, and will be able to redirect all the links in my old essay to local copies as well.

Second, about a month and a half ago, maybe a little longer, I reposted a large number of essays in a very short period, and, in order to get it done, I did not include any labels. Since then I have not added labels to either reposted articles or new essays. It is now my intention to correct that oversight. When I finish posting the four unfinished essays I am working on now, I will go back and add labels to everything posted since I started omitting them.

That is everything I wanted to say. As I said above, I have four more essay to get up, after which I will add tags for all my recent essays. I also intend to post the "Stupid Quotes" series from Townhall.cm here, and, time allowing, resume posting old essays on this blog sequentially (omitting those I have already reproduced), picking up from where I last left off (with essays written sometime in 2008, I believe). As far as fixing links in reposted articles, and articles written while TH was still hosting blogs, that is probably the last task I will undertake, as it will be much easier if I have everything posted here, so it will likely be delayed until then. On the other hand, most essays -- with a few exceptions which were updated at a later date -- cite only those articles posted earlier, so I could go in now and update the links in old posts. Whether I will do this or not depends on what else I have to do and how much free time I have.

Please check back, as I will update the blog on my progress.

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