Saturday, February 15, 2014

Off- Topic Amusement

NOTE: I am posting these eleven articles, originally posted in my now defunct blog "Random Notes", as they are to be cited in an upcoming essay when I discuss liability law. 

I have often mocked and criticized those television lawyer advertisements seeking plaintiffs to either individually sue certain manufacturers, or, more likely, to more the basis for a class action suit. ("Am I Missing Something?", "Still More on Liability Law") However, I have to give credit to one of them, for it gave me the biggest laugh I have had in some time. I forget the specific target, as it was a few days ago, but the wording was so very amusing, I can't forget that part. Thanks to some slightly convoluted phrasing, thee lawyers in question seemed to be asking for the impossible, to wit, "please call now if you, or a family member, suffered serious injury or death due to..." I can see calling if I suffered and injury, or if a family member was injured or died. But it seems a bit much to ask me to call in if died.

Then again, if they ever get one of those calls, it certainly will be newsworthy.


I suppose this isn't precisely off topic. I have criticized these advertisements many times for what they say about our society and legal system ( "The Perversion of Liability Law", "The "Right To Sue" As Our Only Right", "The Problem With Tort Reform", "Red Herring","Accepting Misfortune", "What Is Fraud?", ""Better Safe Than Sorry" Usually Leaves Us Even More Sorry, And Much Less Safe"). And I have spent a lot of time criticizing bad grammar ("The Grammar Nazi Versus George Lucas", "Ye Olde Grammar Nazi", "The Irony of Lax Internet Standards", "Grammar Nazi Comment on Greco-Latin Words",  "Rules of Grammar and Pragmatism", "Why Worry About Grammar?", "Why Spelling Matters (Again)", "Why Spelling Matters, One More Time", "Officially Annoyed", "Two Small Grammar Nazi Gripes", "One More Grammar Quibble", "Fictitious Words"), a category into which this seems to fall. So, while not exactly within the nominal political, or political-philosophic, purview of this site, it is not so far off topic as I first imagined.

Originally posted in 2012/05/26.

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