Monday, February 10, 2014

The Racism of the Left

NOTE: These posts have been reproduced from my old blog, "Random Notes", because I plan to cite their contents in an upcoming essay. I have finished the essay, but, unfortunately, it cites a lot of essays I have not yet reproduced. So it may take time to find and post all of them. Until then, you will like see a handful of these essays popping up on my blog amid a few new essays.

I realized that recently I have written two different essays (here and this addendum) which take to task the left for their dehumanizing way fo looking at people. They tend not to see people but rather exemplars of the black race or exemplars of gay men. In my mind, this dehumanization by the left is every bit as racism and demeaning as that of more traditional racists.

One need only look at affirmative action to understand how insulting liberal racism is. The message of affirmative action is this: "Mr. Black Man, we understand that in fair competition with a white person, you would lose. Don't worry, we believe you that it is due to past discrimination. So, to help, we good white people will make the bad white people give you an advantage so you can succeed." It is pretty much a modernized version of the "white man's burden" Liberals need to stand up for blacks as they cannot stand up for themselves.

I really don't have a lot to add here that I have not said before. Many times before.

It is simply time that we stopped thinking about race. Yes, there will be inequities, and some past wrongs will go unresolved, butt hat would be the case even if we continued obsessing on race until the end of time. As we redress one wrong we commit others. Affirmative action helps blacks and hurts whites, will those whites then have a claim in the future? Will we reverse affirmative action later to redress those wrongs? When will it end?

The best, and only, solution is to stop thinking about race. To admit that we should judge each individual on his own merits and that race, sex, preference, whatever should neither count for or against him. 

It is time we finally accepted that we are each a member of the smallest minority group ever, the individual, and that is how we should be judged.


When I wrote this, I forgot another example of left wing racism I often use.

The left normally holds everyone to the strict standards of PC speech codes. However, when a militant black makes horrible, invidious antisemitic or anti-white statements, the liberals just ignore it, or say it is "understandable." In short,t hey treat minorities as if they were children, unable to keep themselves from saying horrible things.

If liberals considered minorities their equals, they would hold them to the same standards. That they allow minorities to behave in ways they would deplore should someone else do it shows that the left considers minorities beneath themselves, unable to exercise the self-control the left expects of whites.

Of course, they never say this explicitly, but is there any other explanation which matches their behavior?

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2008/04/09.

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