Wednesday, May 21, 2014

And Then My Head Exploded

NOTE: While looking for an old essay I wanted to cite in my essay about monarchy and elective government (which is now finished except for links to the articles cited -- and one citation, as I just mentioned) I came across a few interesting articles. "You Gotta Have Faith" and "Private and Public Coexisting" are just interesting. I sadly had no essays in which I could cite the, and thus must simply justify reproducing them by arguing they are worth the effort on their own merits. "The Spelling Nazi Begs to Differ" and "And Then My Head Exploded", on the other hand, struck me as some good examples of my sometimes amusing "Grammar Nazi" and "Spelling Nazi" posts (along with my occasional end note complaining about the Firefox spell check software). One day I hope to repost the entire series, as I also hope to reproduce all my work on the FairTax and Wikipedia's shortcomings. For now, I will satisfy myself by printing these two. Unfortunately, while I was spending my time posting these four essays, I failed to find all the links for the two completed articles I have waiting (yes, the two mentioned in "Coming Soon".) But I hope to wrap that up tomorrow, so please check back.

I wrote recently about TNT's abhorrent "more movies, less commercials" slogan. Given the vehemence with which I denounced that, do I even need to comment on the advertisement I just saw? The one touting the "funnest iPod ever?"

I think the title says it all.

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2009/09/28.

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