Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quote of the Day

It is probably bad form to give myself credit for the "Quote of the Day", but I cannot resist doing it this one time. I was reading through old posts when I came across my essay "The State Versus Universities" and found a quote that was good enough I was surprised I wrote it:
If ever we manage to destroy this nation it will probably not be due to war or dictatorship or revolution, more likely it will be due to one too many governmental good deeds.
Admittedly, it could probably be worded a bit better, but the thought is what counts, and it is an interesting concept I should have explored at greater length. And now, as I have been reminded of one of my more interesting, if sadly forgotten, ideas, I think I have some inspiration for a few future essay. At least, as soon as I complete the two still waiting for me to finish them.


By the way, as I was just recently commenting to a friend about how college loans diluted education to the point that secretaries and others who one did not even need a high school diploma now need a BA, it was interesting to also run across a fairly old -- though forgotten -- essay in which I made the same argument. Rather a fortuitous bit of synchronicity.

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