Saturday, June 7, 2014

An Administrative Note

Some of you may have noticed my last post returned to my former practice of applying relevant tags to the article. As I am writing less frequently, I decided I am going to take my spare time and use it to apply tags to all those articles for which there are none. After which, I hope to go back and replace all the old links, pointing to Random Notes and elsewhere, to links to either this blog, or for external links which are no more. Afterward, I shall probably have reposted here about half of my old blog contents, and I should, with a little determination, be able to repost all my remaining essays from Random Notes. it may take some time, but I want to eventually have everything from Random Notes reproduced here, complete with tags and working links -- to the degree that is possible (a few articles are long gone and not retained in

So, please watch for new labels on old articles. Not only will it make it easier for readers to search for articles of interest, but it will also allow me to more swiftly identify relevant articles to link to new essays. (And may, with a little luck, keep me from repeating myself quite as often.)

UPDATE (A Few Minutes Later): I forgot to mention that I have two more essays in the works, neither of which is on meaningless words or common sense. (Wait for applause, or at least a sigh of relief.) One is about a California program to divert drug users from jail into mandatory treatment, and some of the troubling features mentioned in the article. The second is about the economics of choice and a common mistake, one which I have made myself more times than I care to count. They will take a little while to complete, but since my son is with his mother this weekend, I hope to get them done before Monday, or, at worst, get one of them posted before MOnday and the other sometime during next week.

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