Monday, June 23, 2014

Best of the Web Imitates Me IX (But Get A Point I Missed)

NOTE: These essays are all reproduced from my defunct blog "Random Notes". All are cited in "The Return of Malaise", mentioning my many analogies between Obama and various individuals, all made during his first presidential race (mostly during the primaries). I confess I underestimated his chances, and anticipated too much press scrutiny (easy to do as he received absolutely none), but looking back, my criticisms still seem quite valid after one and one half terms as president. I may have called the race wrong, but my descriptions still ring true to me.

No, they didn't compare Obama to a Segway, so no confirmation yet that they read my posts, but they did bring up the same topic as my post from the middle of last night, that delusions about hidden racism in ads linking Obama to the Fannie Mae CEO is absurd.

However, they added one point I am amazed I overlooked. If someone is a racist already, why would Republicans have to appeal to racism? They might have to link a Dukakis or Clinton to blacks in order to appeal to racism, but Obama IS black. If you're racist, you aren't voting for him anyway, so why would Republicans need to tie him to other blacks?

I am kicking myself for missing such an obvious point.


They also mentioned my two favorite liberal non sequiturs, the "southern strategy" and Reagan's supposed covertly racist speech in 1980. It seems whenever race and politics come up, they must mention these two, the same way anti-Semites can link the USS Liberty to any topic whatsoever. I still don't know what either topic has to do with 90% of the contexts in which they are mentioned, but apparently invoking them makes liberals feel better, so perhaps they are part of some liberal catechism of which I am unaware.


In my postscript I said antisemites love to bring up the USS Liberty. I forgot that those who think evil Jews are behind all the  ills of the world like to be called anti-zionists and often claim that they don't hate Jews, just Israelis, and the "Israel Lobby", and their fellow travelers, and... Well, eventually the list includes every Jew but George Soros, so I don't really get the distinction, but, for the sake of those who care about names I will correct myself and call them "anti-Zionists". 

For similar reasons I try to remember to call isolations "anti-interventionists", yet another distinction without a difference. I do draw the line at calling liberals "progressives" or, worse yet, "moderates". I have my limits.

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2008/09/23.

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