Friday, June 6, 2014

Brief Thought on Current Events

I do not normally comment on current events, and in this case I plan to keep my comments short, both because there is not a lot to say, and because I have little time to write. Still, I could not let the current news pass without a small statement.

Does anyone else recall how, when the Reagan administration engaged in what the Democrats said were illegal actions in the "Iran-Contra" affair, the Democrats raised all manner of fuss over how a government cannot be trusted which breaks the law?

Why are those same Democrats now so quick to forgive illegal negotiations and other acts by the Obama administration in this trade of Taliban prisoners for the captured deserter? Is it not almost identical to the sort of illegal acts for which they blamed Reagan and called for indictments and impeachments? As I see it, the only difference is that Obama served no real national defense goals, while Col. North and co. advanced our interests through their actions.

Of course, partisanship answers all such questions, but I have to question why we are so comfortable with politicians violating principle in favor of party. Since when did we accept open dishonesty and Machiavellian plotting in our leaders? Or, to make it truly short, when did we stop caring about honesty?


  1. Good points all around, Andrew.

    In it's report to congress the committee investigating Iran-Contra said:

    "The Iran-Contra Affair, as it came to be known, carried such serious implications for U.S. foreign policy, and for the rule of law in a democracy, that the 100th Congress determined to undertake its own investigation
    of the Affair."

    Apparently democrats are no longer interested in acts that hurt our foreign policy or the rule of law.

    1. As I said, it always amazes me that we have become so comfortable with politicians who lie for some small advantage, who openly violate their principles, who state they have no principles and so on. We think it makes us look mature to admit all politicians are liars, and to endorse supposedly pragmatic me, we think it makes us look smart. But sadly, all it does is who that we are fools who are willing to be conned by liars who tell us they are such right up front. It is all a bit too pathetic and sordid for me. Probably why I don't mention it all that often. It is depressing to realize the state to which we have reduced ourselves in a desire to appear worldly wise and jaded and sophisticated.

    2. That should read "pragmatic men", not "pragmatic me".

    3. And it should read "all it does is show that we are fools". My typing is quite bad today.