Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Futility of Denial

Have you ever noticed that the moment someone denies something, it becomes absolutely clear that the opposite is true? It struck me today when I got an automated phone call with a recording telling me "this is not a sales call." As I pointed out to my son, those words have never been uttered by anyone who was NOT trying to sell you something. Anyone who really is not selling anything doesn't need to tell you so. The moment he says those words, it is clear he is selling something.

I mentioned something similar in earlier essays. I pointed out that, as soon as someone has to tell you a particular line of action is "just common sense", it is clear it is anything but. If it were common sense, no one would need to argue in its favor, as soon as it was pointed out, we would all see the wisdom. Thus, the moment it is stated, it is clear it is not common sense, but a plan someone wants to convince others is common sense, though it is nothing of the kind.

Similarly, positive protests can be just as damning. "Of course we support the troops" is never uttered by anyone who does not follow it with some horrible condemnation of those very same troops. "Obviously we support the free market" is never spoken except when followed by some plan for completely gutting that same market. And "we support freedom of religion" is almost always followed by some incredible restriction upon the exercise of that very freedom.

I am not sure which is more hard to believe, that there are those out there who might actually believe such statements, or that those making them believe there are those who will believe them.

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