Monday, June 23, 2014

Who Does Obama Resemble?

NOTE: These essays are all reproduced from my defunct blog "Random Notes". All are cited in "The Return of Malaise", mentioning my many analogies between Obama and various individuals, all made during his first presidential race (mostly during the primaries). I confess I underestimated his chances, and anticipated too much press scrutiny (easy to do as he received absolutely none), but looking back, my criticisms still seem quite valid after one and one half terms as president. I may have called the race wrong, but my descriptions still ring true to me.

In the past we have heard people describe Obama as the second coming of Carter. And I have previously argued in his tendency to surround himself with scandal ridden associates and his faith in the omnipotence of negotiation he resembles Bill Clinton. However, I think in some regards he is more like another president.

In the most recent Carol Platt Liebau article, she mentions an article which called Obama a "one man gaffe machine," and recent events tend to support that characterization. In addition, Obama shows a lack of comfort with the press outside of carefully scripted events, a senseless loyalty to friends even when they are political liabilities and a desire to control things completely, such as his move of the DNC to Chicago, but also has a tendency to become flustered when confronted with unexpected questions.

I am sorry to say this, but in his outward characteristics, Obama most resembles our current president.

I am not saying that, in any way, Obama's character is like that of the president, just that he seems to possess a number of superficial character traits similar to those mocked by the Democrats when Bush exhibits them.

For example: Bush's loyalty to Brown is very like Obama's loyalty to Wright. Or Bush's many "Bushisms" are much like Obama's "Obamanalities" and "Obamanations", or whatever you want to call them. Bush's much decried "secrecy" resembles Obama's "distance from the press". And so on.

Somehow I doubt any Democrat will be noticing this anytime soon, however.

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2008/06/16.

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