Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More of the Same

I am always amused by the left's (and some on the right's) view of foreign policy. They accept Foggy Bottom's support of Arab tyrants as part of their worship of "stability over all", but deride our support of the former shah, no different than the support we later gave to Syria, as "installing tyrants". In short, if we bolster anti-American regimes in the name of stability, it is good, but if support actual allies, it is installing tyrants. I just don't get it.

I write this because I came across yet one more example of this sort of thinking and had to make a comment. Here is the quote in question, from comments on another blog:
As horrible as 9/11 was… there was a reason for it.  Not a justification, mind you… nothing justifies the killing of innocent people… I mean that there were several reasons that led to what happened six years ago.  America’s blind support of Israel… which, in my opinion, is as much a terrorist state as any other in the region.  We earned 9/11 after nearly 40 years of our country molesting the Middle East for oil – installing corrupt madmen as puppet leaders, sensitive to our needs and desires… turning a blind eye to whatever suffering may have been the result.  We created Osama Bin Laden.  We created Saddam Hussein.  We trained them, installed them, funded them and then, in some way or another, whether truly or in their estimation, we betrayed them.  We’ve run up a killer tab with the middle east… and 9/11 was us paying up our debt.
I won't bother going into the most obvious error, that we did not "create Osama bin Laden", as that has been done quite well by 911myths.com. However, I do have to point out that, in supporting Saddam, we were not so much "supporting a tyrant" as trying to weaken a different cabal of tyrants (the Iranian leadership) which showed every sign of wanting to "destabilize" (read as "conquer") the rest of the middle east. So, while Saddam was far from a poster child for freedom, we supported him because the alternative was to send in American troops, which the left would have decried even more, and possibly provoke a war with Russia as well, or else accept a ring of Shiite clerics ruling most of the middle east. Exactly how does that translate into us creating tyranny? For that matter, bin Laden's pretext for hating us, our involvement in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, was done at the request of the rulers of those nations, and done to protect their borders. In short, doing exactly what Foggy Bottom loves when the UN does it, but despise when it is done without their say so (or the say so of the blue helmet brigade). I just do not quite follow the logic here.

As far as Israel is concerned, I again will not bother. If you are convinced Israel is the devil incarnate, and cannot distinguish between accidentally killing civilians among whom terrorist hide and intentionally targeting civilians, then I am not going to say anything to change your mind. Those who accept the "cycle of violence" argument would probably see the struggle between the police and criminals in the same terms, after all, if the police arrest criminals it inspires other criminals to shoot police, so why not lay down our arms, right?

Sorry, I seem to be writing a bit more of an impressionistic piece than is my wont in this case, but this one really ticks me off, the idea that somehow we "brought 9/11 on ourselves" is such pernicious nonsense, I just can't write with my usual detachment.

Still, I think perhaps I should take a pause here, and promise to come back and write something a bit more cold and dispassionate, after all, even absurdities deserve a proper rebuttal. So, for now I am saying farewell, but with the promise I will return and address this fully in the very near future.

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