Friday, April 10, 2015

A Real Headscratcher

I was reading more movie reviews following my last post "Malapropism of the Day", and I came across another malapropism, but this time one I simply can't figure out:
The dusky faded grey filter is a pleasure for the eye to watch and it dowses the actors. 
Now, dowsing is usually a process whereby one uses a forked stick, or metal rods, to find water or valuables. So, does the filter in some way detect water hidden in actors?

Ok, this one isn't particularly funny, and I honestly can't think what the individual was trying to say. On the other hand, it is so cryptic, I could not resist sharing it.

And, as promised, I will do my best later today to get a real, relevant post up.

Follow-Up: Because I was worried there was maybe some obscure meaning to dowse of which I was unaware, I looked it up in every dictionary I could find and discovered, besides the meaning I know, it is also an alternate, and most likely archaic, spelling of douse. So, it is possible that the lens somehow drenches the actors with a liquid, rather than finding hidden water within them. In any case, it is clear something very moist is taking place.


The same review also indulges in one of the most amusing mistakes I see fairly regularly, confusing stigma and stigmata, in this case suggesting that a series of negative reviews may cause bloody holes in the hands and feet of actors.

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