Sunday, May 31, 2015

I'm A Shill!

It is funny, when I had 100's of readers back on Townhall during my heyday, when I actively promoted my site and got on the top 10 page views list over and over, no one questioned my motives. Then I stopped actively promoting, my readership dropped off to the point where it was a few loyal readers and (at times) a troll or two, and suddenly people start calling me a shill.

Well, the first negative attention wasn't exactly calling me a shill. My articles on gay marriage, and questioning the biological origins of homosexuality got me cited as a right wing flake on a site called"q-tips" three times in a row.

However, things went downhill from there. My criticism of the FairTax had numerous proponents calling me "a shill for the CPAs". Unfortunately the comments to the old Townhall blog are lost since the site closed, but if I can find some on (some have been preserved, some haven't), I will link them here.

And now, I was searching for one of my posts and, using Google, found that some 9-11 truther cite was alleging I am a disinformation shill! If only! I could use the income. But, sadly, no, I am not being paid to point out how nutty the truthers are, it is simply me using my brain. Then again, using one's brain and being a truther seem to be mutually exclusive, so perhaps they don't recognize it and imagine I must be a shill to have come up with all these incredible thoughts such as "maybe hitting a tower with a plane will make it fall over". (The Google link led to a strange forum landing page, from which I did not feel like finding my way to the original citation, so I am simply going to produce the Google cached page here.)

Makes me wonder what will be the next allegation.

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