Monday, May 18, 2015

Upcoming Posts - May 18, 2015

Since I doubt I will find time to write them tonight, I thought I would list the posts I plan to write in the near future. Hopefully all will be completed this week:
1. Today I ran across a Townhall article singing the praises of the Import-Export Bank. As it makes a number of claims I find highly dubious, I feel the need to offer my response. This article will likely be written tomorrow if time allows. 
2. I have almost finished an essay on the topic of government secrecy, as well as movements pressing for "government openness".  As I have written from time to time about secrecy and the proper role of secrets in the operation of government, I should be able to finish this shortly, hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday. 
3. I have plans to write a follow-up to "Chaotic Government" and "Follow Up on 'Chaotic Government'", in which I shall examine how the authoritarian structure of Rome's government, especially right before the fall of the western empire, led to behaviors that were terribly counterproductive. 
4. I also want to write a follow up to "Killing and the State", in this case looking at the use of military force, and the proper function of government in terms of military, and perhaps police, actions. 
5. I also want to, if time allows, look at some absurd comments I read about the supposed small minded bigotry of flyover country, and look at what this sort of casual bigotry says about conventional liberal pseudo-intellectuals. 
6. I want to look into the question of intellectual property laws, and ask whether or not they serve the purpose for which they were instituted, and whether or not a free market economy could work with vastly reduced, or even non-existent, patent and copyright laws. (Trademarks are somewhat different, though I shall look at them briefly as well.) 
7. I want to look once more at our modern liability laws, in this case in the context of the rather bizarre NFL concussion decision. 
8. I also want to look at immigration, protectionism and a host of other topics, all viewed in a rather unusual context. I don't want to say much more, as it will give away most of the interesting material. 
9. I want to follow up on my many essays on protean and meaningless words, in this case by examining the word "dictator", examining how the word, seemingly so simple to understand, is truly so emotionally loaded that it is effectively meaningless. In fact, the difficulty of finding any fixed meaning for words that carry emotional weight will be one of the main topics I shall examine. 
10. Finally, I hope to complete the series of essays I began with "A Timeline Part One", "A Timeline Part Two" and "A Timeline Part Three" , taking the series from FDR to the present day. At the moment I plan to write it all in a single essay. However, as there is a lot to cover in the New Deal, and in Nixon's monetary issues, I may end up covering through 1973 in the first essay, ending with closing the gold window, and then write a final essay, taking us from Watergate and the Carter era of inflation, fuel crisis, hostages and malaise, through Reagan, Bush and Clinton, and finally into the modern era of Bush II and Obama.

I think that is it, though now looking at the complete list I doubt I will finish it this week, even if several are already partly complete. More likely, I will get through say four to seven this week, and wrap up the rest next, assuming work remains quiet and nothing else comes up.

So, please check back soon, as I do plan to get at least one posted tomorrow, perhaps two if I am especially productive.


  1. Geez, you make me feel like such a slacker.

  2. Well, it appears I failed to live up to my promise, unless I finish that first post in the next 2 hours. On the other hand, I did finish the script I was writing for work (that was made nearly impossible by inadequate and often inaccurate documentation from Google... sorry guys, it's true), so I should have more time soon. Then again, I am also working on building a few bits of electronics I hope to patent and sell (maybe actually earning something in the process), so my time may all still disappear. Oh, and my son is pressuring me to finish writing a computer game I described to him, so that will soon eat into my free time as well. But until then, I will try to write what I can. And tonight I think I may write a short piece completely unrelated to all those mentioned here.

    1. I am struggling just to comment intelligently (in my own humble opinion) on other people's blog posts; and since I can't brag about any of my own accomplishments I will just add that my dad, who was an electrical engineer with Raytheon in one of the many facets of his life, held the patent for the VCR technology (those of us who can't "do" must resort to invoking the accomplishments of their relatives). I hope your patent is a success, along with your computer game. Then I can say I sort of knew you when.....

    2. This is my first venture into the hardware end of things. I had some experience with telecomm hardware at Citicorp, early in my career, running modem racks, cabling things, and when I was a teen a friend's father sued to burn old EPROMs in his basement, and my grandfather used to build televisions and radios from scratch when I was a kid, but personally I have never designed electronics myself. I understand the principles, and will have an easy time writing the control routines (or designing circuits to do what code would), but this is kind of a learning by doing thing. On the other hand, I know a few people are thinking about the same technology I am, so doing it myself is also an attempt to get a prototype and patent before those more encumbered with process and funding and staff and so on can do the same thing. (We will see if size harms or favors me in the end.) The only other hope is that one of the 5 or 6 applications I came up with (1 of which may have privacy issues in the US, but the US is not the only market), will be ones no one else thinks of. (They seem to be concentrating on medical and family stuff, I came up with at least two police/security ideas.)