Friday, July 3, 2015

Back From Vacation

After two weeks of off and on vacation, I am finally home, and ready to post some new content. (And respond to whatever comments appeared as well.) I have to unpack, reassure the cats I am home for good, make sure my son is settled in, and the like, but sooner or later, I plan to get back to writing, so please check back sometime during the July 4th weekend, to see if there is anything new.

At the moment, besides all the old promised essays I have not yet finished, I hope to post two more pieces. First, an examination of prices, specifically how, absurd as it sounds when described, the marginal value theory actually works. I found a great analogy to the normal academic description, which comes across in most cases as quite silly and improbable, but I hope to show that, silly as it sounds, there really is a logic to the description. Second, I also want to look at the difference between government and private actions, specifically in terms of social pressures versus laws, and why we should avoid using laws in all but the case of violations of rights. I shall revisit my arguments against government funding of schools to provide an analogy, though I shall also, as a consequence, try to better explain why I consider it an important distinction, even when funding works effectively the same way as government, say, when it is a voluntary association with membership identical to the local government, or where there is even less choice, such as forced funding through an HOA or other covenant. But I won't go too far into that here, as it is to be a significant part of my essay.

I don't know what else will get posted, but I hope to complete at least those two, and a few more from my most recent lists. So, as I said earlier, please check back this weekend.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, there are two other essays I hope to write, or perhaps one essay touching on both topics. First, I want to take a much more comprehensive look at "caveat emptor", especially why, historically, the laws changed, and whether or not we are suffering now because of laws made in an era of rapid change. Second, from a similar perspective, I would like to look at truth in advertising, fraud, regulation and consumer protection. I have written on both topics before, but I think it may be worthwhile to write once more, bringing together my previous thoughts, as well as some new perspectives.

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