Monday, July 27, 2015

Sorry for the Long Pause

Sorry for the long pause between posts, but I am afraid work got rather busy, my health was so-so and then, Sunday was my birthday and my son and my mother insisted on celebrating with dinner, cake, etc, so I had no time to do much this weekend, or last week.

I hope to get more done this week. I have two incomplete posts which I hope to finish, as well as write one that has been in my mind for some time, examining the claims I have recently heard from sincere socialists and Marxists that it would be possible to have a non-totalitarian socialism or communism.

I already did this in "The Sado-Masochist Society, or, Would Primitive Communism Work?", as mentioned in "Things to Come", but I do plan to actually write it at long last, even if it covers some of the same ground as old posts, as I think it is a claim that too many take seriously, and I ned to demonstrate why authoritarianism is not just an unfortunate consequence of bad government, but an inevitable result of increasing government power or scope. Actually, that may be useful to demonstrate why I argue for minimal government, as even those who want a supposedly limited government often want the state to intrude into other matters, which will bring about ever increasing authoritarianism.

Well, enough about what I plan to write. Please check back tomorrow or Wednesday, and I should have at least one or two of these completed.

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