Monday, July 6, 2015

Things to Come

It is getting late so I do not have time to write this post, but I want to put something both to tell readers what to expect, and also to remind myself. So, in the next day or so, I expect to write a post looking at the ties between totalitarianism and communism and socialism. You see, I have been reading some socialist and communist sites, and some argue that "true socialism" is a system of true equality, a democratic or otherwise free state, unlike the totalitarian states crafted by Stalin, Mao, Castro and others. I won't deal immediately with another strange argument (that the west's support of the white army turned the Russian Revolution away from true communism), as I want to deal with that on its own. For now, I shall simply look at the question of whether or not totalitarianism is inevitable in a communist or socialist system (and what distinction, if any, one can draw between those terms.) Those seeking a preview may want to read "The Sado-Masochist Society, or, Would Primitive Communism Work?", as it addresses the question in a specific context, but I have a feeling the new essay shall produce something somewhat similar. ("The War of All Against All" and "No Such Thing as a Free Lunch, and No Such Thing as "Post-Scarcity Economics" Either" also may be of interest.)

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