Thursday, September 24, 2015

I Am Stumped

I need to stop reading left wing websites, as I always end up more confused.

One site I read was talking about his confusion over why people supposedly drift right as they age. I will probably discuss this topic myself later, but for now I want to mention one specific item.

In his list of experiences that come with age is that you meet people of many races and nationalities and learn they are pretty much like you.

And I grant, in general that is true. Most humans are similar, regardless of race or nationality.*

But what puzzles me is, while understanding this, those of the left embrace two other errors.

First, that there is some great unwashed mass out there that needs protection, made up of countless anonymous, foolish people who can't decide anything on their own. In short, a lot of people just like us are also completely different, and incompetent.

Second, the left also believes, while race and nationality does not make a difference, wealth does. The moment you become a business owner, or a manager, or a police officer (mentioned as being "cut off from their class identity" in another essay on this site), you suddenly become evil. Somehow, the balance in one's bank account varies inversely with virtue.

So, race and nationality are irrelevant, but class is everything. And most people are like us, except that great nebulous mass of incompetents which we knowledgeable citizens need to tell how to live.

I don't get it.


* Oddly, while the left espouses that race does not matter, at the same time they embrace racial identity politics, arguing some things are unique to "the black experience" and the like and empathy is impossible. So, race is irrelevant, and it is also an irreducible primary factor in political thought, both at the same time. Again, I don't get it.

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