Thursday, September 24, 2015

Way Off Topic - One or Two Dimensional

I am not willing to concede the argument of those simpletons who think frequent usage makes "I could care less" a proper statement, but I am in a bit of a quandary concerning one or two dimensional, as used when describing characters.

Perhaps a bit of explanation. In reading a review on Amazon (book or movie, I can't recall), I saw someone describe characters as "one dimensional" and saw someone argue it was "two dimensional", meaning flat. It sounded wrong at first, but as I thought about it more, both made some sense.

I always used the "one dimensional" argument, intending it to mean they had but a single dimension to their character, they were a construct with but one trait. However, I have also seen well rounded characters described as "three dimensional" and thought nothing of it, which implies "two dimensional" would also be a valid criticism.

I really have no preference here, though I doubtless will continue to use one dimensional in the sense described above. But please, let me know your preference if you read this, as I am curious what the consensus is.

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