Sunday, October 4, 2015

What Were You Saying?

I love far left hyperbole.

I was reading again the site which combines Marxist rhetoric with criticism of Dr. Who*. And I was struck by what seems a pretty bizarre set of statements. First, he begins by complaining that the 60's episode "The Aztecs" was portrayed by "bronzed up" white actors and not Mexicans**.  I suppose, if you believe the "only X should play X" minority arguments, it is a legitimate complaint, though I do wonder if there were enough actors in the guild in Britain at the time for that to even be possible. But he then proceeds to complain about the episode appropriating a culture the West "annihilated."

For those who buy left wing rhetoric and see no problems, let me point out, if the Aztecs were "annihilated", then how could they be around to represent themselves in the episode? Annihilation would mean no Aztecs. So, unless he is being a bit absurd and claiming interbreeding with Europeans is some sort of annihilation (by which standard almost ever people in history was "annihilated"***),  these two claims just don't work.

What is sad is that such claims seem to be made pretty regularly on the left, and normally are accepted without comment. No matter how inconsistent, self-contradictory, as long as they are sufficiently aggrieved, and are on the "right" side, they are acceptable. Kind of disturbing.


* I don't like to cite the specific websites I describe, as I am not complaining so much about a specific site, as a behavior that appears on any number of similar web pages. In addition, though I disagree with the politics of the site in question, and have used it from time to time as an exemplar of specific beliefs, I do enjoy reading it, and don't want to give the impression it is particularly bad. In fact, if anything, it is less prone to some of these errors, which is why I can continue to read it. So, for my purposes, it is easiest just to use anonymous examples rather than take on a specific site.

** He does point out Mexicans are not identical with Aztecs, though this does not eliminate the point I make later, since they are, at least in part, descended from Aztec ancestors.

*** There is also the problem, if he is equating intermarriage with annihilation that the logic actually supports opposition to interracial marriage, a position I believe the writer would find reprehensible. So I must assume this is not is intention.

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