Saturday, December 5, 2015

Things To Come

I am off tomorrow morning for a 6 day conference in Los Angeles, so probably will not be writing again until I return.  (Not sure who I am telling as what readers I have, if any, are terribly quiet about it, so I probably lack any regular readers at present.) Anyway, should some silent lurker exist and care about such things, I do have about 5 or 6 unfinished essays I want to finish when I return.

Of course, since I am mostly writing in the hope of some future reader stumbling upon this, and reading back through my old essays, as I have done on many newly discovered sites I enjoyed, I suppose I should include something substantive for those imaginary future fans who don't care about my travel plans.

So, for you, I will leave this brief thought I posted elsewhere recently:

People love to rebut criticism of their favorite film, book, political theory, cult, what have you, by saying others "just don't get it", implying the critics are just not bright enough to see the merit. But, perhaps the fact that so many people "don't get it" should tell them something. In other words, yes, sometimes something profound may be confusing, but it does not follow that everything confusing is profound. The complexity of General Relativity, and of your average 9/11 Truther's conspiracy theory may be equal, but that does not mean they have equal merit.

I don't know if that is enough to make this post count as substantive, but it is the best I can do on short notice.

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