Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Great Quote

NOTE: I am trying to fix the links in a number of old posts, and have reproduced a number of essays from my now defunct blog in order to allow myself to create working links to them.

I have written many times on the absurd Rousseau-inspired longing for the "noble savage" that infects our society, and I have even written about the specific dishonesty of the film Avatar, but I think I have never said it as well as an article I found today on "post-Avatar depression":
And I can't believe that many of these gloomy post-Avatar Westerners, when they really think about it, would want to up sticks to Pandora and take part in Na'vi society, with its obstinate illiteracy, undemocratic adherence to a monarchy based on male primogeniture and complete absence of restaurants. The final irony, of course, is that this entrancing vision of prelapsarian innocence is the product of the most ruthless and sophisticated money-machine the world has ever seen. With a budget of $237 million and with takings already at £1 billion, this exquisite capitalist guilt trip represents one of the great triumphs of capitalism. 
I think that says it all. Despite the fact that I likely would disagree completely with the author's politics, I must say he is honest in his assessment and not afraid to point out the honest, and I appreciate that honesty.

For those curious about my thoughts on similar topics I suggest "The Dishonesty of Avatar", "Rousseau's Foolish Legacy", "Happiness", "Opinion Masquerading as Fact", "A Western Evil?", "In Defense of Standards" and "Addenda to "In Defense of Standards"".

Originally posted in Random Notes on 2010/01/26.

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