Thursday, January 21, 2016

For Cruz and Rubio

Since this "natural born citizen" nonsense has popped up again, I have decided to provide links to all the essays I wrote about the "birther" arguments about Obama. Since they apply to the cases of Rubio and Cruz every bit as well, I figure it is time to bring them back:

Think of the Impresison You Make *
Our Donatists *
On The Other Hand... *
Picking Your Fight *
To Clarify - Birther Controversy *
An Interesting Question
A Small Update on the Birth Certificate Controversy
Birth Certificate Controversy Revisited
One More Post on the Birth Certificate Controversy
Really, The Last One on This Topic
Wrong is Wrong
A Few Comments on the Berg Ruling *
A New Take on an Old Topic
A Brief Follow Up
Slate Imitates Me, But I Really Don't Mind
Legislative Intent
Not A Smoking Gun
Can Hawaiians Travel Overseas?
Maybe Obama Was Born in Gulf Breeze, Florida
An Impossible Argument to Lose
While I am Away... (A Question on "Natural Born")

And, since the "birthers" are nothing but a particularly bizarre form of conspiracy theory, here are all the links I could find to essays on conspiracy theories:

Sinister PNAC? Hardly!
Food For Thought
Bill Clinton Murdered Leon Trotsky!
Idiots or Geniuses?
Dismissing Conspiracy Theories
Our New Paranoia
259 Lies?
Isn't History Enough? *
The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories
A Shortcoming of Conspiracy Theories
Amusingly Left Wing *
Absurdities on Oil
Your Fellow Man *
Revival of an Old Absurdity *
A Question for Those Who Believe "Bush Lied" *
Tips for Conspiracy Theory Buffs #1 *
Rewriting History Concerning World War II *
Those Darn Jews *
Those Darn Jews Part 2 *
One Last Time *
Conspiracy Theorists' False Logic *
Can They Both Lose? *
All In How You Say It *
Conspiracies Vs. Conspiracy Theories
Sorry, But Jews Aren't the Problem *
The Zionist Conspiracy and Israel Lobby *
Life is Strange *
The Delusional World of Oliver Stone *
Mumia, the DaVinci Code, Full Body Scans, and Loose Change - How Conspiracy Theories Arise
Conspiracy Theories -- The Exceptions *
All Conspiracies Great and Small
Katrina and BP
I Have To Laugh *
Conspiracy Theory Enters the Mainstream
Amusing "Truths"
False Flag Theories and 9/11
Some Thoughts About a Specific Conspiracy Theory, or Maybe Two
Conspiracy Theories
Self-Sustaining Beliefs
Self Perpetuating Delusions
The Appeal of Conspiracy Theories
Backwards Logic
Ritual Abuse, Backwards Logic and Conspiracy Theories
Backwards Thinking and the Number of the Beast
Technophobes and Conservatives -- The Risk of Assumptions
The Futility of Blame
Faulty Logic
Deceptive Spectra
More Persistent Myths
A Brief Thought on Skepticism
GMO Revisited - As Well as Hormones, Soy, Phytoestrogens, and a Host of Other Food Scares
The Gadarene Swine Fallacy
Blood for Oil
Those Greedy Bankers
Please Get Your Facts Straight
The Great "What If?" - Advertising, Gullibility, Education, Capitalism and Socialism
Deadly Cynicism

Don't worry, I am not going to start filling the blog with nothing but lists of links to old essays, but in this case, I have said so much, there is not much point in repeating myself.

* These links still point to the Townhall blog links and thus do not work. I hope to change them over the next few days as I copy these old essays to this blog, but for now they do not work properly.

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