Monday, February 29, 2016

And It Gets Worse

NOTE: I am copying sixteen essays from my old blog ("Random Notes") to this blog. Some are cited in other essays, but most are simply essays that struck me as interesting while I was going through my search for essays to fix broken links.

It seems the ObamaCare agenda has permeated Holywood, even more than I previously imagined. I was getting used to slandering insurers, and the sob stories about families unable to obtain care because of bad insurance, no insurance, or "nonsensical" insurance rules. But I see the latest low in bashing life saving technology and the companies which provide it, the film Repo Men.

The premise, as far as I can tell from what I have read, combines the worst of "evil corporation" conspiracy theories, with the hatred of insurers, pharmaceutical companies and doctors. The premise is that GeneriEvilCo (or whatever they call their big evil corporation) is selling artificial organs. Somehow, in contravention of all common sense, the government then allows them to "repossess" organs for which payments lag, even if it kills their patients. It also seems, somehow, that they can force these organs on patients against their will, at least from what I have read. 

Now, besides slandering all the very good people who bring us drugs, medical procedures and devices which allow us to live 50+ years more than we would in nature, there is quite a bit of nonsense in this. For example, what politician would vote to allow this sort of repossession? Yes, he might get rich, but his rival could have a guaranteed landslide by just proposing to make it illegal, so he wouldn't be in office long. (Ask any populist, you never win the popular vote by favoring corporations over the prejudices of the masses.) In addition, under what conceivable legal system would it be possible to kill someone legally? Even if they agreed to it in the contract, no US court would allow its enforcement, and it would be doubly suspect if the organs were placed against the will, or without the consent, of the individual.

Yes, I know this is "distopian sci fi", but that does not excuse it from having some basis in reality. I don't care how much the world changes, corporations will never have the sort of power these sci fi writers choose to give them. And worse, it has been done so much that it has become boring as well.

So, please, writers, give us something besides GerniEvilCo and doctor and insurance and pharmaceutical bashing. If for no other reason because in 5 years you are going to be so embarrassed by what you wrote today in your slavish Obama-love.

Originally posted in Random Notes on  2010/03/15.

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