Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Conspiracy Theory

Here it is, my conspiracy theory. I have denounced conspiracy theories pretty regularly*, but, since no one seems to listen, I have decided to throw my hat in the ring and come up with my own.

My theory is this: Donald Trump is a Democrat Trojan horse.

If you think about it, it does make sense. Hillary, after all, is a black hole for charm and charisma, no one likes her, not even Democrats. And with the indictments looming over her, she has more negatives than Bill did, while lacking any of his personality. Not to mention the fact that even the left is sick of seeing her.

So, what to do? If they nominate Hillary -- and who else are they going to nominate? Socialist Bernie? The walking gaffe factory who fills the vice presidency? -- the Republicans could nominate nearly anyone and win handily.

But there is that pesky "almost".

Now, normally the Republicans can be counted on to form a circular firing squad and kill off their best choices, nominating some compromise no one likes. And the open primaries allow Democrats to help ensure the least appealing candidate carries at least some states. But in this election, that might not be enough. Hillary is enough of a black horse even a McCain could win against her.

So, the Democrats devise a plan, a way to force the worst possible choice on the Republicans. They get their frequent supporter, and New York pal Donald Trump to declare he is a conservative Republican. And, to make it stick, he begins to recite a lot of populist rhetoric sure to get some support, run a kind of "Ross Perot" style insurgency. Claiming to be an outsider, adding lots of anti-immigration rhetoric, mixed with a hodge podge of left and right populism, from tariffs to trade war to nationalism and so on. Exactly the sort of thing Democrats think all Republicans believe.

And to ensure he has a fighting chance, they lean on the mainstream media to cover no one else. Make the news all Trump, all the time, the same way they saturated it with Obama coverage in 2008. If there is no oxygen left for the other half dozen candidates, then what chance do they have?

And, it seems to be working so far. Trump has sold himself, at least to some, as a Republican. A significant percentage have not only bought the story, but become fanatics. The combination of media saturation and inconsistent, whatever works for the moment populism seems to be drawing in enough of the right to split the party. At the very least, if a brokered convention excludes Trump, he can run as a third party candidate and steal a number of Republican votes. On the other hand, if he gets the nomination, a fair number of Republicans will stay home in disgust, while a lot of moderates will either sit it out, or vote Hillary in protest. Either way, the election goes to the Democrats.

I would love to believe it to be true.

Unfortunately, like all conspiracy theories, it is a comforting lie to explain away something we find disturbing or confusing. Sadly, there are no Democrats behind Trump's run, and there is no plot. It is just another symptom of the "throw the rascals out"/term limits mindset, and the danger in valuing "outsider" status above all else. I know we are unhappy with politics as usual, but to go to the other extreme and accept any idiot who claims to not be a politician is a recipe for... well, THIS.


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