Monday, February 29, 2016

The First Guy Named Stu on the Supreme Court

NOTE: I am copying sixteen essays from my old blog ("Random Notes") to this blog. Some are cited in other essays, but most are simply essays that struck me as interesting while I was going through my search for essays to fix broken links.

Does anyone care who was the first left handed supreme court justice? The first name "Chet"? The first who played soccer? The first born in Utah? The first with a deviated septum? So, why do all these reports about Obama's liberal appellate court nominee say he is "likely to one day be the first Asian supreme court justice?" 

I know, I know, we are supposed to be understanding, and think it is just peachy when it is the first black president or first lef thanded lesbian on the federal court, but I always found it embarrassing when some minute ethnic group would cheer over the triumph of one of their fellows. The first Ukranian this, or the first Croat that, the first Maori the other. It always seemed so shallow, that the best thing they could find to give them pride was the success of someone who shared some nebulous amount of their genetic material.

And it doesn't get any less embarrassing when the groups get bigger, or become "official victims". Just because it is the "first black" this or that does not mean it has anything to do with any other black person. Am I smarter because of white geniuses? Richer because of white successes? No. I can't eat with their mouths or feel with their hands either.

It is time we got over this absurd racial identity. Even the more acceptable "look how far we have come" crowing over racial "success stories". Until we, and by "we" I mean everyone, get over seeing things in terms of race and ethnic groups, we are just going to keep perpetuating those pointless categories.

I am sure the following will offend some readers, as I have written rather too bluntly about race. Still, some may find them interesting. So here are my posts on race:
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If they do offend you, remember you were warned.

Originally posted in Random Notes on  2010/03/14.

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