Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Trump Cult

Trump followers show every sign of being as cultish as, say, Dean or Perot supporters ever were. For example, anyone who criticizes their candidate is either a secret liberal or a "tool of the neocon establishment". I saw an example today. In an essay I noticed, about the Club for Growth saying Trump was no conservative, the Trump response was pathetic, claiming they came to him seeking donations and this criticism is just sour grapes over receiving no money. (Trump was not even that minimally eloquent, but that was the gist.) But what is frightening is what you find in the comments following the article. The Trump followers all start blasting the Club for Growth as tools of the neocons, special interests and false conservatives. Now, I may not always agree with CfG, but one thing I will say, it is pretty absurd to criticize them on any of those grounds, especially when compared to Trump.

Then again, I have a feeling if the ghosts of Reagan, William F. Buckley Jr and Barry Goldwater were to appear and tell them Trump was no conservative, the Trump followers would start telling us how the three specters were secret Clinton supporters.

It is getting just that absurd in the Trump camp.

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