Sunday, February 21, 2016

Yeeargh! Mark 2

I have said before Trump is kind of a reincarnation of all those candidates who developed strong followings that those outside could never understand. I am talking about your Perots and Deans. (Nader is an exception as his appeal kind of makes sense on the left, the way Ron Paul's appeal kind of makes sense on the right.) All of them had strange hybrid beliefs, campaigned to "the center" by arguing for far right and far left simultaneously, and generally made a populist stew that somehow attracted a following. But I was really surprised when, after South Carolina, Trump actually almost quoted Dean's famous "Yeeargh" speech (thanks to James Lileks) when telling us all the places he was sending campaigners. Is it really a good idea to ever imitate Howard Dean?


It is off topic, but anyone want to file suit to determine whether it is legal to have a foreign born first lady?


My apologies to Ralph Nader. When I set up links, somehow I forgot to capitalize his name. Now Google will not let me change his name from lower case to capital.

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