Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Myth of the Heartless Conservative

I am tired of people imagining I am some heartless monster whenever I say I vote Republican. I will grant, there are a few loopy Republicans, but then again, there are Democrats every bit as loopy. And if the right has a few would be theocrats, there are a few would be Mugabes and Stalins on the left.But while no one would think of painting all Democrats as black nationalists or authoritarian communists, the right is constantly portrayed as crazed religious fundamentalists who want to kill poor people. And I am sick of it.

I actually want to see people happy and prosperous. I want people to have food and medicine and freedom and all the other things that make life worthwhile. And that is why I am on the right.

Let's face it, the government is a poor tool for charity. And an equally poor one for running businesses. And when it comes to protecting our safety, it seems self interest and lawsuits protect those a whole lot better than the cronyism and random exceptions and cartels of big government bureaucracy. Nor is that all. Big government, with its nationwide, one-size-fits-all answers is likely to ignore the specific needs of many groups, forcing them to conform to whatever ideas happen to appeal to the legislature at present. And, being so large, so all encompassing, it is also a great tool for oppression and tyranny, should someone be so inclined.

Nor is there anything a big, central government does that small, local governments could not, but better. Granted, some regions may vote in laws that don't match your beliefs, but they do match the beliefs of those residents, and is that not how representative government should work? Or do we want the whole country regulated by the whim of two-hundred-odd congressmen or five justices? Or maybe just some presidential appointee? Is it not better to have a multiplicity of laws, each suiting the local mood, the diversity, if you will, of local government, rather than the absolute tyranny of the majority of the moment?

I believe that less government, and smaller government, is the path to freedom, to liberty, to government more in tune with individual desires. In addition, with laws being made at the state level, or better, the county, a single voice matters much more. Where, nationally, anything less than a hundred thousand, perhaps a million, cannot be heard, on the state level, tens of thousands matter, and, in a county, a thousand is a considerable block. Why, if we move to local government for townships and the like, the individual voice may even be heard once again.

And in the same way, I believe in getting government out of business. Not because I believe the poor should starve, or only businessmen matter, or any of that nonsense, but because the free market, for all its flaws  -- and it has them -- is still the best way to promote wealth, to produce the greatest possible satisfaction and generally eliminate the most poverty in the world.

So, if you want to call someone heartless, or bigoted, look at the left. After all, they support economic policies which reduce overall wealth and often concentrate it in the hands of the 1%, that is those with government clout. And in government, they favor subordinating individuals to the mass, with large voting blocks where only mass movements count, and singular laws for the nation, allowing for no variations in local beliefs and practices. It strikes me that is a lot more heartless than anything I have ever promoted.

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