Tuesday, May 17, 2016

If'n Yer So Smart, Why Ain'tcha Rich?

I have seen what has to be the most stupid comment in recent history. Looking at Townhall.com I have seen a number of Trump supporters telling everyone that his wealth proves he would make a good president, that he cannot be irresponsible or an egomaniac or otherwise incompetent because he is so wealthy.

To which I reply: Warren Buffet. Bill Gates. Every actor in Hollywood. Even Hillary Clinton's cattle futures.

There are many who are rich whose policy ideas I would not consider accepting, many who have been much more successful than Trump. Both Gates and Buffet are more wealthy and do not rely on marketing their names to account for a huge part of it. Neither has bilked investors, bailed out using bankruptcy and left investors holding the bag, or puffed up their net worth by saying their name is worth billions.

And yet, I do not think either would be a good president.

Let's face it, you can be good at a profession and still not understand how government works. In fact, you could be good at business and still not understand how economics work in theory. Think of the number of investment geniuses who still denounce large fortunes and high salaries, not grasping the simple fact that such sources of free wealth MAKE investment possible, drive the growth of new enterprises.

So, do not tell me his bottom line makes Trump a good candidate. Tell me what he will do that makes him a good candidate, and so far all I have seen are (1) he will switch parties, (2) make any promise that seems popular at the moment, (3) promote entirely unworkable plans if it will gain votes and (4) sue or insult anyone who upsets him. Combine this with a long history of being friendly with Democrats, including Hillary, and using government favors and manipulating laws to his advantage, and I see no reason I could ever choose to vote for him.

Quite honestly, if wealth is a sign of brilliance, Hillary made a goodly sum on Whitewater and futures, and at least she is consistent. I may hate her policies, and think she is unscrupulous, even believe her policies are destructive and harmful, but at least I know where she stands.

Fortunately, this is not a two party state, and so I do not have to hold my nose and vote Clinton, but it is frightening that the Republicans have selected a candidate who even made me consider it.

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