Monday, May 2, 2016

Upcoming Posts

I have been reading my recent posts and it strikes me that, as well as being far too infrequent, my recent writing just does not seem up to my usual standards. Some may say those standards were not terribly high to begin with, and that may be true, but however high or low they were, I still can't help but feel recent posts have not met them.

In order to try to bring my writing back up to something like a consistent level of quality, I am going to try to set a few goals for myself.

First, I am going to finish off the series I have left incomplete. For example "Free Market and Federalist Confusion" has been lacking its promised sequel for some time, and the series "Monetary Issues Made Simple Part I" and "Monetary Issues Made Simple Part II" has been lacking the promised third installment for even longer, as have "A Timeline Part One", "A Timeline Part Two" and "A Timeline Part Three", which are missing a promised fourth (and perhaps fifth) chapter. There are others, but for the moment I shall try to concentrate on these.

Once that is finished, I hope to complete the half dozen or so unfinished posts I have hanging around. Actually, there are far more than that, but many were abandoned for good reason. However, about six to eight of them actually are still worth completing, and those I intend to revisit and complete.

With luck, this shall all be done in the coming week, or, at most, two. As I said, I am not happy with the present pace of my writing, and so I hope this new plan will not only improve the quality, but also pick up the pace a bit.

So, if you have been reading and are not terribly impressed with recent posts, please return, as I hope to restore my earlier level of writing.

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