Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Very Quick Note

I do apologize for not writing recently. I have one essay I started last week and which is mostly finished, and I should post that soon, but other than that one essay, I simply have not found the time recently. I hope to write more later this week or early next.

A bit of personal news, I feel I need to share. As of today I am no longer a Republican. Officially that is. I wanted to withdraw from the party late last week, but Maryland close their on line voter forms until Monday. I was busy with work yesterday and could not get to it, but today I completed the paperwork to unregister as Republican. I am almost certainly going to continue voting Republican in state and local elections, but as I cannot support our presidential candidate -- and feel I cannot even just remain quiet and wait for him to lose -- I felt I had to leave the party.

Nor can I, in good conscience, leave the party for now, wait for the arrogant oompa-loompa with a comb-over, trademarked name and a trophy wife to lose, and then return to the party. The fact my party would nominate someone this far from my beliefs, essentially a Democrat who decided to spout stupid populist nonsense, has made me doubt whether the Republican party represents my beliefs any longer. And thus, it would take a serious shakeup within the Republican party for me to consider returning.

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