Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Short Question

Since when did conservatives and Republicans use phrases like "corrupt corporate globalists" and "corrupt banking syndicates"? Weren't those once the words of the left? Of the anti-WTO anarchists? But now, at least for the Trump boosters, those are the words of the day, apparently.

Well, if this does not convince you there is more of the left than right about Trump and his followers, I suppose nothing will. Then again, no one imagined the "socialist" in "national socialist"  was serious either. But it was. Oddly, nationalists always think they are the "real conservatives", but except for being national rather than international and favoring racial bias over class bias, there is often little to distinguish a nationalist from a communist. They may talk of being for freedom, but once you mention business, they suddenly want to impose this restriction and that, from heavy tariffs to nationalizing banks, and, in the end, except for rhetoric and method, very little separates nationalists and communists.

But, I doubt mere words will convince a dedicated Trump booster, and the rest of us can already see this for ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, this will do one bit of good. Those who argue they support Trump because he will be better than Hillary might understand why so many of us do not agree.

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