Sunday, July 31, 2016

Upcoming Posts

I am going to try to get my protectionist post (see below) done soon, perhaps tonight, but I doubt I will get many others written, so, for the moment, I will have to make do with listing a few upcoming posts, in hopes that describing them will inspire me to finish them soon.

I hope to write the following in the near future:
1. A Comprehensive Refutation of Protectionism - Which is precisely what it says, a comprehensive look at Protectionism. 
2. Let Slip the Lambs of War - A look at national defense and foreign policy in general, with a special focus on why we have become so reluctant to engage in aggressive foreign actions, and why so many believe military action is immoral unless the Russians are in Cleveland. 
3. A Summary of Approaches to Taxation - A look at various approaches to taxation, along with an analysis of each, and an explanation of why I would support or oppose each. I intend to explain what I see as the best possible solution, not just overall, but also what would be best if we must have a an income tax, what would be best if we must have federal level taxation and so on. 
4. Untitled - A summary of issues related to money and banking. I have written a huge amount on this topic, so in this case it is not so much filing in missing information as in other essay, but rather  paring down the mass of writing to create a concise review of the issue. 
5. Untitled - I intend to look at all the many issues surrounding immigration, not just economic, but cultural, social, health and so on, and ask what approach would be best to immigration, both in an ideal world and in our present circumstances, as well as ask what changes in government would result in a change in the best immigration policy. 
6. Competition Revisited - I plan to review what I wrote in my original essay "Competition" as well as "Third Best Economy", "The Free Market Solution", "Greed Versus Evil", "There are Other Solutions" and "The Basics" and come up with a more thorough explanation of why the free market is the ideal answer to our economic needs. 
7. The Benefits of Religion - Started as a refutation of those who claim religion as an institution is harmful to society, I want to to both look at the benefits and costs of religion as a social institution, as well as look at how religion as an institution, and as a concept, have shaped individual behavior. I will do so without reference to the veracity of religion, or any specifically spiritual aspects, I just want to examine the social construct itself. 
8. Zoning and Freedom - A look at the arguments for zoning laws, and my arguments that such laws can be eliminated without doing harm. 
9. Government and Singular Decisions - A look at the consequences, good and bad, centralizing decisions into one place, and applying one decision upon all citizens. 
10. The Nonsense of a Clinton Surplus or Bush Recession - An examination of our habit of ascribing economic ups and downs to a given president, or even a specific government, and why it makes so little sense, both because of the limited power of government to produce the economic outcomes attributed to them, and also because the significant lag in economic outcomes make for regular mistaken attributions.
11. Untitled - A look at federalism, the benefits of decentralized versus centralized power, what steps we need to take to establish a more federalist system, what costs will be involved along the way as well as what benefits we shall experience.
There will probably be others, but for now these eleven essays are the ones I intend to complete first.

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