Saturday, July 2, 2016


As I have not written for several days, I decided it is time to mention my upcoming posts, if for no other reason than to tell my few readers I am still alive and writing. I am presently taking some time off work, and thus have been doing much less writing as I spend time away from the computer. But I will be back at work on July 5, and plan on posting at least one, maybe two, posts by that date.

First, I am working on a post offering a comprehensive analysis of protectionism. As the Trump campaign has revived interest in the topic, I decided it is time to bring together all my earlier arguments from a number of old essays and demonstrate the underlying rationale that argues against protectionism in all its forms.

Second, I am also working on an essay looking at the argument that the present election represents a particular, unique threat to our country.

Finally, if I find the time, I want to offer a third essay discussing the topic of zoning laws, and what I see as both the futility of such laws, and the serious potential for harm, both intentional and unintentional.

I may not get all three posted in the next three days, or even two, but I shall do my best.

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