Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nice to Get Confirmation, Again

In a number of essays ("Statistical Artifacts", "Confirmation", "Twice in a Row", "Shocking Numbers", ""Better Safe Than Sorry" Usually Leaves Us Even More Sorry, And Much Less Safe", "Nice to Get Support" ) I argued that the "sudden increase" in autism in the US and elsewhere was not due to Thimerosal, or GMO foods or any of the other usual suspects. Rather, I argued it was a statistic artifact caused by a combination of greater frequency of screening and a broader definition now that all autism-like illnesses were grouped into one ailment. Well, guess what? Researchers have reached the same conclusion! So, I have suddenly gone form being an "anti-science crank" to a visionary! I am just waiting for the day people admit the M&M "hockey stick" is hopelessly flawed and computer models of AGW terribly inadequate, and I can stop being a "crank" on that topic as well.

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