Monday, September 19, 2016

Upcoming Posts (September 19, 2016)

I must apologize to whatever readers I may have for my lack of recent posts. It has simply been a rather busy time and I have been unable to get around to completing any work recently. Oddly enough, I have actually been doing some writing, and have almost a dozen partially finished posts, but none completed. And, in some ways, that is even worse. When I have a half finished post, before I can pick up again, I need to read it through, review the notes I always leave at the end and try to figure out what I intended to write, as well as make sure when I go back and complete it I don't end up repeating myself. And, very often, I also end up having to rewrite at least part of the introduction, as many are related to events current when I started which may no longer be relevant. Thus, in a way, I may be better off starting over from scratch.

But I hate to waste anything, and partial essays are no exception, and so, in the next few days, I hope to finish at least one or two. Currently, the five most likely to be completed are "A Summary of Approaches to Taxation", "The Melting Post and Other Thoughts on Immigration", "The Death Penalty Revisited", "A Short Discussion of Money" and "A Comprehensive Refutation of Protectionism". Though I cannot promise which will be finished, and I am sure it will not be all of them. (There are five or six more that are less far long which may eventually be completed as well, but as I am less certain of their eventual fate, I won't bother giving their titles.)

I also hope to begin work on one new essay. I am not sure what it shall be entitled, but I want to look at a topic that often raises hackles in conservative circles, the question of the attitude of conservatives toward Islam, as well as the common conservative belief that no moderate Moslems exist, and the idea held by some that belief in Islam is inherently contrary to our constitutional government. I will look at the many claims made about sharia, taqqiya and a few other subjects that seem to arise on conservative sites with some regularity. I have a feeling it is not an essay that will win me a lot of friends -- at least among conservatives -- but I feel I need to examine these claims and, to be fair, to compare them to the similar claims often made by atheists and others against Christians and Jews. But, I don't want to go into too much detail. We will wait and see how it goes.

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